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With its two principals having over 80 years of combined experience in all facets of structural and foundation Engineering, S.E.T., P.C. has blended traditional, practical engineering skills with modern technological tools in a single firm that provides efficient and cost-effective solutions for all phases of a project.

S.E.T., P.C. is not your typical structural engineering firm, but rather a rapidly growing design firm that provides demolition, structural, foundation, geotechnical, civil and environmental, value engineering, and forensic engineering services, as well as engineering support services for owners and contractors, interface with and obtaining approvals from NYC Department of Buildings (Excavation Unit, Concrete Enforcement Unit, Forensic Unit, etc.) and NYC Transit Authority.

S.E.T., P.C. has also expanded into directly providing soil borings, soil testing, underground environmental services, optical and vibration monitoring services, precondition surveys of existing facilities, and project management/advisory services for the support of excavation, foundation, and superstructure phases of your project.


Our mission is simple: to be problem solvers and to provide the best service and most efficient designs for our clients from the beginning of the project to its successful completion, through proper communication with the entire project team, practical engineering solutions, and assistance to the entire team even during the difficult situations that may arise during construction, We will never let our clients down.


Here at S.E.T., we share a common thirst for knowledge, a common desire to be the best at what we do and to constantly improve our product and our services. Our Engineers are given the opportunity to work from start to finish of many different projects in order to expand their knowledge, and are encouraged to seek advanced degrees and PE licensure. A warm, family type office environment allows us to learn and grow together and share experiences with our common goal of exceeding our clients' expectations. 

Mission & Culture



80,000 SQFT.


George J. Cambourakis, P.E., C. Eng.


Mr. Cambourakis started his own consulting firm in 1989 after 10 years of working at Thornton-Tomasetti, P.C. of New York City, where he began his engineering career. His expertise is rich in breadth and has directed the firm’s growth in not only structural engineering but also into geotechnical and environmental engineering.

Fruma Narov, P.E.


Ms. Narov has more than 40 years of in-depth experience in the design, management, and administration of engineering projects. She is a recognized, award-winning expert in concrete structures on which she has also published many papers and lectured for various organizations.  

Leadership Team
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